Sample Tools by Cr2 – 90s Rave 2 (WAV)

SampleToolsbyCr290s Rave2 -

Whether you were born in the 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s, you will be familiar with this sound, which in one way or another makes everyone nostalgic. Think thick, punchy bass lines, punchy and powerful chord strikes, slamming traditional 909 drums, trippy special effects, and more. Rave 2 from the 90s has it covered.

20 x Bass Hits
20 x Bass Loops
20 x Hats
20 x Percs
20 x Kicks
20 x Snares
20 x Claps
84 x Drum Loops
7 x Top Loops
30 x FX
23 x Piano Loops
5 x Songstarters
70 x Synth Hits
20 x Synth loops

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