Sample Tools by Cr2 – Nu-Skool Breaks (WAV, MIDI)

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Format: WAV, MIDI
Quality: 24/32 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Description: UPD 08.09: Added MIDI filesIn Nu-Skool Breaks you will find all the key ingredients to create timeless sound with samples larger than 700 MB. The pack features drums, magnifiers, synthesizer hits, magnifiers, effects, song starters and background textures. You’ll find something for house, tech house, techno, breakbeat, electro and any other genre.

30 Synth Hits
50 Synth Loops
30 Bass Loops
20 Bass Hits
10 Vocal Loops
10 Background Loops
30 Bass Loops
20 Bass Hits
21 FX
20 Kicks
30 Snares
50 Percs
10 Claps
30 Hi Hats
10 Rides
11 Cymbals
22 Drum Loops (104 Broken down)
10 Drum Fills

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