Samples Depot – 20,500 Diva Presets Bundle

SamplesDepot 20500DivaPresetsBundle -

Over 20,500 uHE Diva Synth presets – custom sounds, fresh sounds!
Create amazing tracks for pop, cinema, ambient and chill out, EDM, hip hop, house, trance, techno or any other style of electronic music. Load the desired preset(s) into uHE DIVA and adjust the controls and parameters, or use them as is.

Synths and leads, Atmospheric pads, basses and bass shots, dubstep wobbles, sound effects, bells, pianos, arps, drums, snares, plucks, hits, stabs, brass and drones and much, much more…
How to install?
Extract the folders from the archive and place them in the following location:
Windows :
Presets : C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\u-he\\User Presets\
Presets :/Users/[your name] /Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/

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