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JRV audio is a boutique company that creates unique analog plug-ins, and recreates famous analog instruments with unique modeling techniques.

Included plugins
HEQ2 :
2 devices in one! Solid State or original tube EQ sound. By using Solid State you can achieve a musical ssl touch to your track. The original tube section delivers the creamy big sound with the elevated Floyd touch you crave. This plugin is unique for sound design purposes and sacred to program material, it’s also perfect for shaping drums, bass and guitars. And of course your vocals will really stand out in a vented way. Heq2 has been emulated for multipurpose use in 2bus as well as solo tracks, this is not another pultec emulation. It’s a secret weapon to use on any program material that needs analog boost and balance to make your music sound like a “record”.
SM8 :
A real plug! Sculpting sound has never been easier. The use of this equalizer is very simple yet incredibly musical. The beautiful sound of the Trident Console EQ is now in your DAW, with a simplified user interface. We recommend using this beauty as a mastering equalizer plugin. You can try on other separate sources for a special tone that will give you a rich, rich and three-dimensional sound. This equalizer has the ultimate “royal” sound. It can be creamy, smooth yet clean and punchy or lo-fi if you twist it you deserve some crunch…
Seac is our unique circuit design, prepared for analog equipment but then modeled for real through a plug-in. This is the best way (in our opinion) to easily, efficiently and harmoniously shape an audio signal. The compressor curve is the most interesting knob in this plugin, the left side compresses low frequencies, the right side compresses high frequencies, and at the 12 o’clock position it leaves the work to the compressor knob. The Input knob is an mp1A emulation. The Tone and Presence controls determine whether you are in hi-fi or lo-fi territory. This is SEAC (Super Easy Analog Channel). You can easily achieve the desired sound intuitively. Basically, there are no numbers here, as this plugin was conceived as simple, practical and, above all, instinctive to use.
Remonster :
An excellent compressor for a drum tire! A very special gift from JRV Audio. This is an invaluable audio device that gives you an incredible analog effect for your drum bus or 2bus. This is a device that you can only find in the hardware world. This is an esoteric-sounding vintage soul machine. With the tonal characteristics of Fairchild, the 2254’s and 1176’s are an epic workhorse. And you can download it for free for a limited time. Don’t miss this groove machine! Possibly the best sounding drum tire compressor ever made.
Euphony :
Get ready to eat the creampie! Our unique design offers airborne frequencies with a revolutionary airbow that bends airborne frequencies while also adding presence to low frequencies. The air knob makes the highs as smooth as you can imagine, while also adding air to the bass and making it big. And there is also lo-fi, but

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