Silen Audio – Infinite Flow v1.0.0

Free Download Infinite Flow by Silen Audio, Version 1.0.0 as an Offline Installer.

Overview of Infinite Flow SYNTHESIZER


Infinite Flow uses vintage polyphonic synthesizer models to reveal the subtle warmth and depth of synth sounds. We carefully captured the imperfect sounds of 12 vintage analogue polyphonic synthesizers.You can select the model you are using and dial in the amount of “slop” you want, or create your own models.

Features of Infinite Flow

Characteristics ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Deep modulation with special emphasis on changing each voice. Each modulation is quickly and easily changed and adjusted. ANALOG STYLE FILTERS AND OSCILLATORS: The most faithful recreation of classic filter and oscillator shapes with many models to choose from. DEEP EFFECTS: Five customizable effects, including our Flutter effect for a wobbling, tape-like sound.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Format: VST3i.
  • Bit capacity: 64bit
  • System requirements: WIN 10+

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