Softube – Model Series Synth Collection v2.5.67

Free Download Softube Model Series Synth Collection Full Version for Windows.

Overview of Softube Model Series Synths

Four iconic instruments recreated to perfection. From a ’70s mono legend to a ’90s techno icon, this collection offers decades of electronic excellence in one package. It includes the Model 72 synthesizer, the Model 80 five-voice synthesizer, the Model 82 monophonic sequencer synthesizer, and the Model 84 polyphonic synthesizer.

Features of Softube Model Series Synth Collection

  • Model 72:

    • Expert emulation of flawless 1972 hardware.
    • Modern features like doubler, stereo spread effect, and advanced controls.
    • Captures warmth and smoothness heard on countless recordings.
  • Model 80:

    • Replica of the 1980 five-voice polyphonic synthesizer.
    • Authentic interactions and characteristics for creating your own sounds.
    • Featured on hits by Michael Jackson, Madonna, Radiohead, and more.
  • Model 82:

    • Clever emulation of the most common monophonic synthesizer of the ’80s and ’90s.
    • Sequencer and arpeggiator included.
    • Modern features like stereo doubling and drive.
  • Model 84:

    • Musical performance from the 1980s to the modern Synthwave revival.
    • Carefully emulated with renowned sounds and unique OE features.
    • Two poly modes for added flexibility.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Developer: Softube.
  • Format: VSTi, VST3i, AAX.
  • Bit capacity: 64bit
  • System requirements: WIN 10+
  • Size: 304.3 MB

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