SoliderSound – S Pulser Pro 1.0.0

S Pulser Pro is a rhythm generator plug-in capable of creating an unlimited number of rhythm styles for any melody.
It uses multiple steps, envelope shapes, midrange processing, frequency range control and more to enhance your sound.
S Pulser Pro helps elevate your music and can be the driving force behind pioneering rhythmic innovation.

Create rhythm and momentum for any sound.
Enhance the atmosphere of your reverb tracks with a distinctive and unique pulsed reverb effect.
Create more unique FX sounds.
Create unique sound effects for music or movies.
Turn your chord progressions into an exciting and rhythmic masterpiece with ease.
Quickly apply side chain ducking to your sound with a variety of styles.
Apply a unique pulse effect to the mid or side frequencies of your stereo tracks separately.
Create complex musical patterns with ease.

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