Physical Audio – Plugins Bundle VST3, AAX, x64

New generation sound synthesis:
Physical Audio® exists to push the boundaries of real-time physics simulation synthesis. We create audio plugins using pure numerical modeling of acoustic systems such as rods, strings, plates and connectors. These methods allow you to create physical models that have real acoustic qualities and dynamic expressiveness, without the use of any samples or impulse responses.

Plugins included
Derailer : Plug-in for physical modeling tools built around mathematical models of strings, rods and spring connectors.
Dual Spring Reverb : An effects plug-in that uses the physical vibration model of a coil spring to recreate the classic sound of spring reverbs.
Dynamic Plate Reverb : An effects plugin that uses the physical vibration model of thin plates to recreate the classic sound of plate reverbs.
Preparation : Physical modeling tool based on non-linear string and collision models.

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