Sonic Charge – Microtonic v3.3.4

Download Microtonic by Sonic Charge, Version v3.3.4, for Free.

Overview of Microtonic:

Microtonic is a versatile VST/AU plugin designed for both Windows and Mac users. It functions as a unique drum and percussion synthesizer, coupled with a pattern machine. This tool can be employed as a sound module to play drum sounds through a MIDI keyboard or sequencer. Additionally, it offers built-in patterns for synchronized drum pattern playback.

Features of Microtonic:

Here are some key features of Microtonic:

  • It provides an eight-channel drum and percussion synthesizer, offering a wide range of sonic possibilities.
  • Microtonic generates 100% synthetic sounds in real-time, devoid of samples or pre-rendered waveforms.
  • The plugin boasts oversampled oscillators and sample-accurate trigger capabilities, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction.
  • It’s incredibly efficient, with an impressively low CPU load, consuming less than 5% even on low-end systems.
  • The pattern-based drum machine engine synchronizes seamlessly with the host software.
  • The user interface is designed for user-friendliness, featuring context menus, tooltips, and other helpful elements.
  • Creative editing options like morphing, smart resizing, and randomization empower users to craft unique sounds and rhythms.

Technical Details and System Requirements:

  • Format : VSTi, VST3i.
  • Bit capacity : 64bit
  • System requirements : WIN 7+

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