Sonic Charge – Synplant 2 v2.0.0

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Download Synplant 2 by Sonic Charge, Version 2.0.0, as an Offline Installer for Free.

Overview of Synplant:

Synplant is a genetic approach to sound design that goes beyond traditional knob-twisting and adjustment, emphasizing exploration and discovery. Here your ears guide you through a forest of organic textures and evolving timbres.

Features of Synplant:

  • Genopatch Technology: The heart of Synplant’s innovation lies in Genopatch, a machine learning algorithm that matches synthesizer parameters to samples, allowing for the growth of your own sounds.
  • Sample Integration: Unlike the first version of Synplant, Genopatch enables users to incorporate any audio recording as a sample for their synthesizer, opening up endless creative possibilities.

Technical Details and System Requirements:

  • Bit Capacity: Synplant operates in 64-bit.
  • Supported Platforms: It is available as a VSTi and VST3i.
  • Compatibility: Synplant is compatible with Windows 10 and above.
ERROR: Integrity Check Failure
If you encounter this error, you need to block the incoming and outgoing streams of your DAW through the firewall, go into Synplant 2 options and uncheck ” Auto-check for updates “, close the DAW, open it again and see if the “Auto-check for updates” checkbox is there. if not, you’re ready to go.

Note: For Reaper, this needs to be done twice – remove the update check from the plugin inside and outside the plugin rack.

Installation and Activation Process:

For VST2i:
  1. Copy the Sybplant.dll file from the Patched Files folder.
  2. Replace the Sybplant.dll file in the VST2 installation directory.
For VST3i:
  1. Copy the Sybplant.vst3 file from the Patched Files folder.
  2. Replace the Sybplant.vst3 file in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Sonic Charge folder.

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