Sound Particles – 6FX Bundle

SoundParticles 6FXBundle -

Sound Particles is one of the leading sound design software developers, creating breathtaking 3D technology that will enhance the sound design of your music, movies, games and more.

6FX Bundle included
Air :
Air is ideal for simulating distance by attenuating high frequencies. Use it in any DAW.
Brightness Panner : The
Brightness Panner uses the frequency content of sounds to move them around you.
Density :
Density uses our granular technology to turn single sounds into small and large ensembles with multiple layers.
Doppler :
Doppler is the ideal tool for simulating the physical behavior of sound traveling through air. Use it in any DAW.
Energy Panner : The
Energy Panner uses the intensity of the sound to control its movement without any effort or additional routing.
Space Controller Studio :
Space Controller uses your phone as a motion sensor and rotates sounds where you point them.

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