Soundiron – Delphi Piano Series Vol.1: Autumn 1958

Soundiron Delphi Piano series vol.1 Autumn 1958 1 -

Free Download Soundiron’s Delphi Piano Series Vol.1: Autumn 1958 Sound Library for Kontakt.

Overview of Delphi Piano Series:

This instrument captures the rich, muddy, and fuzzed-out flavor of late 50s jazz, blues, and big band piano, offering an expertly sound-designed piano library with a wide selection of custom FX and atmospheric ambiances that evoke the zeitgeist of the times.

Features of Delphi Piano Series:

  • The rich, muddy, and fuzzed-out flavor is reminiscent of late 50s jazz, blues, and big band piano.

  • From electronica to lofi, hip hop to ambient, postminimalism to contemporary classical, and post-rock, the Delphi Piano feels at home in various musical landscapes.

  • Each volume explores deep aesthetic impressions around its theme, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive musical experience.

  • Elevate your compositions with the atmospheric ambiance that transports you to the heart of the chosen era.

  • The journey doesn’t stop at capturing a quintessential sound. The Delphi Piano series delves into different stylistic motifs, providing a diverse range of musical expressions.

  • Take a textural journey into pure musical feeling as you explore the nuances and distinctive styles of different musical eras.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Publisher: Soundiron
  • Format: KONTAKT
  • Quality: 24-bit 48 kHz stereo

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