Spectrasonics – Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian, Bob Moog Tribute Library, Stylus RMX, Sonic Extensions [ONLY STEAM+SAGE]

Spectrasonics, a trailblazing developer in the realm of software instruments and sound libraries, has carved its niche as the preferred choice of music producers, composers, and sound designers across the globe. Offering a captivating roster of products, Spectrasonics has unveiled some of the industry’s most sought-after virtual instruments, including Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian, Bob Moog Tribute Library, Stylus RMX, and Sonic Extensions, all exclusively accessible via Steam+SAGE.

Omnisphere: The Sonic Titan

In the world of virtual instruments, Omnisphere stands as a colossus. Boasting over 14,000 sounds, this powerhouse transcends genres, finding its place in electronic, hip hop, and film scoring domains. Omnisphere’s arsenal spans from traditional synths to exotic world instruments, accompanied by robust sound-shaping tools and an expansive modulation toolkit.

Keyscape: Your Key to Authenticity

Keyscape, another gem in Spectrasonics’ crown, is an authentic recreation of iconic keyboard instruments. From classic electric pianos to rare, exotic keyboards, Keyscape delivers an unrivaled level of realism and detail. Every keystroke resonates with Spectrasonics’ meticulous sampling and sound design expertise.

Trilian: The Bass Maestro

Trilian, a comprehensive bass instrument, offers a sonic palette encompassing acoustic, electric, and synth bass sounds. Packed with over 60GB of samples, Trilian caters to bassists and music producers alike, offering lifelike articulations, customizable sound shaping, and a robust arpeggiator.

Bob Moog Tribute Library: Salute to a Legend

Pay tribute to the legendary synthesizer designer, Bob Moog, with the Bob Moog Tribute Library. Featuring over 700 patches tailored for Omnisphere, this library showcases a blend of classic and modern sounds that pay homage to Moog’s unique synthesizer legacy.

Stylus RMX: The Rhythm Revolution

Stylus RMX, a dynamic drum instrument, marries sampling and synthesis to craft dynamic and adaptable rhythmic patterns. Boasting an extensive library of loops and samples, along with intuitive editing and manipulation tools, Stylus RMX is the preferred choice for electronic music producers and composers.

Sonic Extensions: Expanding Horizons

Sonic Extensions takes your sonic journey even further with additional sound libraries that push the boundaries of Spectrasonics’ instruments. These added sounds and textures enable you to craft unique and innovative sonic landscapes.

Elevate Your Music with Spectrasonics

Spectrasonics’ products are indispensable for music producers, composers, and sound designers seeking excellence. With their impeccable sound quality, robust features, and user-friendly interfaces, Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian, Bob Moog Tribute Library, Stylus RMX, and Sonic Extensions reign as the most versatile and comprehensive virtual instruments available today.

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