Spitfire Audio – Orchestral Grand Piano 2.1 (KONTAKT)


Finally, there’s a pianoforte that feels like is within the same area as your orchestra. This exquisite Henry Steinway Model D grand piano was recorded at the planet renowned AIR Studios, wherever we have a tendency to recorded our symphony and chamber series. A classic all arounder ideal for live performances and for adding texture to your scores.
Pianos area unit sometimes recorded during a} very “scientific” manner, therefore for larger musical organization mockups and their realizations it’s usually terribly tough to combine. to beat this obstacle, we have a tendency to merely recorded the piano, just like the remainder of our modules, with the microphones positioned as they’d be for any musical organization session. the tip result’s a piano sound like several of the nice films recorded at AIR Studios.
Each note was recorded by seasoned AIR Studios engineer Jake Jackson employing a type of invaluable vintage microphones through Neve ‘Montserrat’ preamps and a perfectly maintained Studer a pair of tape machine, and so born-again to 96k digital format through the best Prism AD converters.
The library is portrayed by four electro-acoustic transducer positions, that you’ll not solely combine to suit the case you’re acting on, however additionally change for fulminant changes focused and depth. they will even be appointed for surround sound and five.1 use. The library was recorded to each tape and digital at the same time, therefore you’ve got the choice to modify between the rounder and fuller tone of a tape supply, or the marginally brighter and additional fragile sound of a digital supply.
New in version
v2.1 (June 2019)
– FIXED: [PB-250] – Tape Sample Starts temporal arrangement
– FIXED: [PB-473] – Controllers Inactive
v2.0 (March 2014)
– ADDED: New Mic Mixer presets practicality. Copy / Paste mic settings between open patches or save them as NKA presets.
– ADDED: rate response choice to the mixer menu (switch between linear, shelf, exponential and logarithmic).
– ADDED: New articulation oppressor system from the most recent BML codebase.
– ADDED: Ability to pick out and layer multiple instruments right away by holding SHIFT once clicking the instrument icon.
– ADDED: COG is currently a part of the most patches
– ADDED: Harp updated to use UACC v2 (see http://spitfire-webassets.s3.amazonaws.com/pdfs/UACCv2spec.pdf for details)
– ADDED: once in UACC mode, the UACC CC # is shown for reference
– ADDED: UACC KS practicality additional to modify articulations via rate
– UPDATE: Key switches touched to the lowest of the keyboard and created consistent in every section
– UPDATE: Performance enhancements beneath the hood.
– UPDATE: fully reprogrammed dynamics and unleash logic
– FIX: dynamic MIDI channel reinitializes CC sliders so unleash samples don’t disappear
– FIX: Loading a patch on MIDI channel ‘Omni’ properly initializes CC sliders