Splash Sound – GUITAR STRUM

Overview of GUITAR STRUM:

  • Guitar Strum offers a versatile acoustic guitar strummer suitable for various musical styles.
  • It provides basic guitar rhythms and simple improvised beats.
  • The library encompasses 84 of the most popular chords, each with 16 variations, including Major, Minor, Sus4, Sus2, Dim, Sept, and Fifth (Power Chord).
  • Users can easily switch between modes for different chord variations.
  • The library automatically launches from the Files tab for convenient access.
  • Guitar Strum promises absolute flexibility in terms of harmonies and rhythms, supporting your creative process.
  • Rhythm patterns are integrated into different musical genres, aiding in composition.
  • A wide range of presets ensures flexibility and ease of use.
  • With four microphones, four RR (round robin) layers, excellent dynamics, genuine doubling mode, and seven chord types, including power chords, you have comprehensive sound control.
  • Guitar Strum eliminates the need to search for authentic virtual guitars, providing a true studio guitar session experience in your DAW.

Additional Details of GUITAR STRUM:

  • Guitar Strum compiles the primary stroke types of the 84 most popular chords, offering 16 variations for each chord in a playable collection.
  • The library guarantees flexibility in terms of harmonies and rhythm, accommodating various musical preferences.
  • Built-in rhythm patterns, categorized by musical genres, assist in enhancing your compositions.
  • Ready-made presets enable users to achieve the desired sound with ease.
  • The library is equipped with four microphones, utilizes four RR layers, maintains excellent dynamics, incorporates genuine doubling mode, and supports seven chord types, including power chords.
  • Guitar Strum provides a truly authentic virtual guitar experience, bringing a real studio guitar session to your DAW.

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