Steinberg – Backbone (WIN v1.5.0/MAC v1.1.10)

Steinberg has released the Steinberg Backbone drum tool. According to the developers, the new plugin promises to simplify the process of creating unique drum-layered sounds thanks to samples and resynthesis.
Working with drum sounds starts with importing a sample. After downloading the file, the user can perform a spectral resynthesis of the original signal to create a new sound. Backbone supports up to eight samples per sound, resulting in unusual and unique signals. Each layer can be processed in the effects and filters section.

Using the decomposition tool, users can merge individual parts of samples, independently control the attack and other parameters of each layer. Steinberg notes that Backbone does not limit the user in processing: you can adjust the filtering, height, signal decay time, as well as the features of its amplification. At the end of the signal path are two stacks of effects for the final processing of the sample.
Steinberg Backbone offers a single-window interface – all controls are collected in a single window, which makes it easy to work. According to one of the creators of the product, Florian Haack, the main task that the developers set for Backbone was the ease of creating and manipulating sound. It was this approach that led to the possibility of creating your own sounds based on combining samples and synthesis.

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