Submission Audio – Umansky Bass (KONTAKT)

SubmissionAudio UmanskyBass -

Bass Library

Additional Information
Dingwall z3x (Custom Shop), sampled by Jacob Umansky.
Every fret, multi-sampled. Match guitar performances 1:1.
Interactive fretboard + 17 Articulations!
Use Force String to program exactly which string each note is played on.
New articulations: Thumping, Double Thumb, Hand Mutes, Slap/Pop, Ghost Slap/Pop, Tapping, truLegato, truSlides.
Completely overhauled truBass slides. Slide exactly how you want – program start/end notes, with realistic energy decay over time.
Use Force String to program exactly which string each note is played on.
Pitch Bend up to 12 semi-tones! (or be sensible and stick with 2)
Up to 16 sample round robbin on Finger Alternate articulation.
Fully raw DI, as well as 3 of Jacob’s custom tones. Grit is the primary tone, matched from the Intervals album, Circadian.
‘Mixer’ tab allows for limited tweaking of each tone.
New ‘Humanize’ feature. Goes from Machine through to ‘Bassist’.
‘Position’ knob acts as virtual capo, so notes will only play above the selected fret, unless they can only be played beneath it.
‘DOOM’ mode: shrinks sample count, uses only the most punchy, clear samples, and maxes out the velocity.
Same old industry-leading Alternate Picking selector people know and love from DjinnBass.
Settings Menu allows: Rebinding Keyswitches, changing the tuning of the bass, and the bend range.


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