Synapse Audio – DUNE 3 World of Cinematic Vol. 2 (SYNTH PRESET)

SynapseAudio DUNE3WorldofCinematicVol2

World of Cinematic 2 is our largest selection of DUNE 3 sounds to date. With a whopping 150 high-quality expressive patches, it is more than double the size of World of Cinematic 1. Created by sound master Kevin Schroeder, this soundset will instantly inspire you with its fantastic pads, atmospheres, leads, textures and sequences. !
All patches support a modulation wheel, and many patches also respond to additional controllers such as Breath, Aftertouch, or Velocity, providing more flexibility and expression for your live performance.
Click on the video below to showcase some of the included patches, then get this set of sounds today!

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