Synth Blade – CRYSTALS (Granular) (SERUM)

CRYSTALS is a collection of serum patches based on grainy, rhythmic and phasic effects. These presets sound fragmented, glitchy and even modular in some ways, which reminds me of crystalline structures and the colorful refraction of light they create.

This pack features a modern experimental sound that is well suited to EDM, experimental synth-pop, electronica and bass music in general.

Part of this preset pack includes crunchy crystal fingerpicks, fragmented and glitchy pads and solos, rhythmic synths and stutters with rich grainy textures and impressive, spacious bass.

This product also includes 32 unique wavetables that I created from recordings from several different oscillator variants of my DS Prophet Rev-2. This set includes Saw, Triangle and Pulse wavetables, as well as hybrids that combine multiple waveforms. You can move from one waveform to another by modulating the wavetable position parameter in Serum.

  • 40 premium serum presets
  • Analog wavetables SYNTH BLADE Vol. 1
  • 8 serum noise samples
  • Download Synth Blade – CRYSTALS (Granular) (SERUM)
  • Original Publisher: Synth Blade
  • Format: FXP (Serum)
  • Category: Sound Libraries
  • Require: Serum v1.284 or higher
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 280.6 MB

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