Synthblitz Audio – Nitroflex v2.92

Nitroflex 2 is a unique wave synthesizer offering a virtually unlimited number of high quality waveforms with the ability to reproduce any type of sound needed in today’s digital studio or live environment.

NITROFLEX 2 Features
1200 presets from simple piano to complex synth, bass and pad.
4 stereo wave generators + 1 VA generator.
Waveform “scan” and “index” for unlimited use of ext.waveform.
Up to 16 waveforms for each wavetable.
196 built-in waveforms + over 500 in included folder.
64 wavetable presets (editable).
Mathematical operations applicable to signals and signal tables.
Edit the panel for the load shape and get the desired wave tables.
Save “Single Cycle Waveform”
2 filters in series or parallel mode.
7 modulation envelopes.
3 multifunctional LFOs with sync or free mode.
FM section for 2 oscillators.
Unison up to 7 voices and a new algorithm
Reverb, chorus, phaser, distortion, echo.
32 step gate sec.
3-band parametric equalizer.
OUT interface with L/R delay and final adjustment of high and low frequencies.
Special multifunctional and multi-information display.
List of preinstalled browsers.
Configuration points before the signal.
Stereo generators with individual pan control.
Keyboard tracking attenuation, volume and filters.
Chord generator to add octaves or complex chords
List of changes
v2.92 :
Fixed pitch.
Improves graphics.
Reset learning function.
v2.91 :
Improved post-resampling.
Improved post-interpolation.
Improved sound quality.
Tremolo slider added to the main panel.
Fixed “overdrive” function in signal editing.
Added red LED for saturation level warning.
Moved the “pre bass cut” function to the main panel.
added a new function for the delay effect.
added mouse wheel function also in the presets window.