TBProAudio DSEQ3 v3.8.3 Mac

The DSEQ dynamic equalizer
is a dynamic processor working in the frequency domain. DSEQ eliminates digital harshness “on the fly” thanks to self-adjusting frequency bands.

DSEQ can be used in all mixing and mastering situations:
DSEQ operates entirely in the frequency domain, providing very high frequency selectivity with self-adjusting dynamic equalizers. DSEQ does its job with the highest transparency, even when under a lot of pressure. This avoids distortion, phasing and artifacts even when working with very important audio material. And DSEQ offers several quality modes that allow you to control even single frequencies.

On top of that, DSEQ provides a very easy to use interface. With just a few parameters (threshold, selectivity and attack/release) a wide range of applications can be covered. Even the initial set of parameters can make your mix more transparent. Simply select a threshold setting and lower it step by step. From there, you can start focusing on specific frequency ranges using pre-filters.
DSEQ comes with AB-LM Lite, which provides a selection of perceived loudness.
DSEQ supports a custom threshold that turns DSEQ into an intelligent multi-band compressor.
DSEQ2 introduces a smart AI feature and a corresponding GUI page to automatically adjust DSEQ depending on the input material.
DSEQ3 introduces a gain reduction spectrograph and a free scaling and resizing GUI.

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