Bogren Digital – MLC Subzero 100 v1.0.823

Record your guitar tracks with one of the most exclusive and high quality guitar amplifiers available today.
Built using revolutionary technology and sound designed by Jens Bogren, the MLC Subzero 100 plug-in is a sonic powerhouse that
truly stands out from the crowd of digital amp simulators.
Multifaceted, realistic and endlessly inspiring. Use the Subzero 100 to create the guitar tones your songs deserve.

With three different channels and multiple settings, the Bogren Digital MLC Subzero 100 offers a wide range of tonal possibilities.
Channel 1: Glassy, 3D character from sparkling clean to classic tube overdrive.
Channel 2: Offers more British plexi-style crunch with mids present.
Channel 3: This is high gain territory. This channel has a rich, rough character with a tight low end and a unique clarity.
The amp is a full-featured and highly accurate model of a real amp with a simplified interface to help you efficiently tune your tones.
The power amp tubes can be channel-switched between 6L6 and EL34 – this feature is not available in the real MLC Subzero 100 amplifier.

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    1. same here .did everything blocked hosts blocked exe in firewall disconnected iternet none of it worked.does not create licence comes ith error messages !save your time for this relase.for the first time in years i see r2r not working !

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