TBProAudio – Plugins Bundle

In the fast-paced world of music production, having the right tools can make all the difference. TBProAudio, a leading developer in the industry, is dedicated to creating innovative audio tools that empower music producers to work faster and achieve higher quality results. With a commitment to staying at the forefront of audio technology, TBProAudio’s plugins are designed with the latest algorithms and adhere to industry standards, such as EBU R128, ensuring that their customers can consistently deliver top-tier audio quality.

Explore the Arsenal of Plugins:

TBProAudio offers a comprehensive range of plugins designed to address various aspects of music production, from precise volume matching to dynamic equalization and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at the impressive lineup:

1. ABLM v2.1.18 – AB Volume Matching: Achieve seamless volume matching between audio sources for an impeccable listening experience.

2. AMM v2.0.17 – Automatic Microphone Mixer: Simplify the mixing of multiple microphones effortlessly.

3. CS-5501 v2.7.2 – Extended Line of Channels: Elevate your mixing capabilities with an extended line of channels for enhanced control.

4. dEQ6 v4.2.1 – Dynamic Equalizer/Multiband Compressor: Fine-tune your audio with precision using a dynamic equalizer and multiband compressor.

5. dpMeter v5.2.7 – Free Multi-Channel Meter: Keep track of your audio levels with a versatile and free multi-channel meter.

6. dpMeterXT v3.0.17 – Broadcast Loudness Meter: Ensure your audio meets broadcast loudness standards with this essential metering tool.

7. DSEQ v3.8.0 – Dynamic Spectral Equalizer: Shape your audio’s spectral balance dynamically for a polished sound.

8. DynaRide v2.0.13 – Vocal and Bass Level Control: Take control of vocal and bass levels effortlessly.

9. Euphonia3 v3.0.13 – Spectrum Balancing: Achieve spectrum balance with precision using this powerful tool.

10. FinalLoud v3.0.18 – Loudness and True Peak Finalizer Tool: Ensure your audio reaches the desired loudness levels and true peaks for a professional finish.

11. GainRider v3.0.16 – Vocal Gain Control: Fine-tune vocal gain for a harmonious audio mix.

12. gEQ12V4 v4.3.1 – 12-Band Graphic Equalizer: Harness the power of a 12-band graphic equalizer for precise tonal control.

13. GSat+ v1.3.1 – Free Saturator: Add warmth and color to your audio with this free saturator plugin.

14. Impress v2.0.11 – Compressor: Achieve dynamic control and shape the character of your audio with this compressor.

15. ISOL8 v2.7.3 – Free Mix Monitoring Tool: Enhance your mix monitoring capabilities with this versatile and free tool.

16. LA xLimit IV v4.1.2 – Improved Limiter: Elevate your audio’s limit control with this improved limiter plugin.

17. mvMeter2 v2.5.7 – Free Multi-Parameter Meter: Monitor multiple parameters of your audio for comprehensive control, with this free plugin.

18. SLM2 v2.1.8 – Smart Volume Maximizer: Maximize your audio’s volume intelligently with this smart volume maximizer.

19. ST1 v2.0.11 – Spatial Tool: Add depth and spatial enhancements to your audio with this spatial tool.

20. sTilt v2.3.5 – Free Spectral Tilt Filter: Shape the spectral balance of your audio with precision using this free spectral tilt filter.

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