Teletone Audio – Ondine (KONTAKT)

“Ondine” is a prequel to “Scarbo”, exploring the lighter and more hypnotic side of the synth spectrum. It’s all packed into a seductively simple interface.

No more wasting time programming synths or adding effects: use the MOOD knob to easily customize the character of your sound.

Bring your performances to life by turning on the MOVEMENT knob, which uses a variety of complex LFOs and scenarios.

Ondine includes over 50 instruments and 25 multiplexers and offers a wide range of specially selected sounds.
Keyboards, pads, basses, lead guitars and synths.

From film composers to producers, Ondine’s captivating sounds will inspire you to create your next track.

MULTI is a unique combination of individual instruments combined to create a new and more complex sound.

Ondine contains samples inspired by some of the most iconic vintage synths in the world.

We didn’t stop at sampling. We then processed the samples in unique ways to bring sounds into the unique world of Ondine.

* The library is added to Kontakt via the Libraries tab

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