This EKX for EZkeys 2 combines stark contrasts in the audio spectrum into an expansive sound library that runs the gamut from industrial rock and metal to dark electronic music and cinematic soundscapes. The sound was based on a wide range of electronic instruments and analog synthesizers, combined with acoustic piano and organ. 

The individual components were then processed using pitch modulation, granular effects, distortion, compression, amplifiers and outboard to create sounds with an inherent dark, gritty and raw aura. 

Finally, these instruments have been combined to create never-before-seen hybrids of sound, represented by a total of 82 presets spread across five different categories: Keys, Pads, Leads & Bass, and Textures. 

Expect an all-encompassing collection of hauntingly curved, warped, convulsing and phasing sounds, covering everything from earth-moving drones and basses to ethereal pads and piercing leads.

In addition to the sounds and presets, a MIDI library of materials selected for each preset category is included. By using multiple instances of EZkeys 2 and assigning different sounds from that EKX to their own MIDI layers, you can create completely immersive landscapes of dark and multi-textured sound.

This is the EKX, which floats among a mixture of styles, smoothly stretching its tentacles into the different worlds of acoustics, organics and electronics. If you’re looking for a sound that’s the opposite of pure and pristine, this is it.

  • Download Toontrack – DARK INDUSTRIAL EKX (SOUNDBANK)
  • Original Publisher: Toontrack
  • Category: Sound Libraries for EZkeys 2
  • Require: EZkeys 2
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 3.34 GB

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