Toontrack – EZkeys 1.3.3 (WIN/OSX)

Toontrack EZkeys -

Transport yourself to the iconic era of the 80s with EZkeys’ stunning collection of synth patches that encapsulate the essence of the time. Whether you’re craving bright and piercing solos, deep drone basses, retro effects, or ethereal pads, this library has you covered. From soft, radiant tones to dark, haunting atmospheres, these synthwave-inspired presets deliver a diverse palette of sounds that defined the era.

A Comprehensive Synthwave Experience

Our EZkeys library offers a meticulously crafted selection of nearly 140 synth patches, each thoughtfully layered, blended, and engineered to perfection. These patches are designed to capture the very essence of the instruments and sounds that laid the foundation for synthwave music and continue to shape its contemporary form.

Organized for Effortless Creativity

To streamline your creative process, we’ve organized these presets into seven distinct categories: Bass, Keys, Lead, Guitar, Plucks, Pads, and Effects. This intuitive categorization ensures that you can easily locate the perfect sound to spark your inspiration. Effortlessly flip through the alternatives until you discover the ideal tone for your musical journey.

Embrace Nostalgia, Craft Modern Pop

If you’re yearning for a nostalgic trip down memory lane to fuel your modern pop compositions, look no further. Our 80s synthwave library serves as a neon-lit flux capacitor, transporting you to an era of arcade machines, floppy disks, VHS movie rentals, and the promise of flying cars by now. Immerse yourself in this breathtaking collection of top-notch synths, inspired by the iconic soundtracks that defined a generation.

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  1. Hello, the torrent link is wrong, it brings to Audio Imperia – Flourish: HEX CHOIR – Tension & Horror Choir (KONTAKT)

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