Toontrack – EZkeys MIDI Packs Bundle (WIN/OSX)

Toontrack’s EZkeys is a groundbreaking virtual instrument known for its exceptional piano sound and intuitive interface. However, the magic truly happens when you explore the extensive library of MIDI grooves designed to spark your musical creativity. Whether you’re a composer, songwriter, or producer, these MIDI grooves are a valuable resource for enhancing your music production.

Latest Update (June 15, 2023):

Toontrack has expanded its collection of EZkeys MIDI grooves to provide you with even more creative possibilities. The new additions include:

  • Toontrack – EZkeys 2 MIDI
  • Toontrack – Latin Jazz
  • Toontrack – Hip-Hop Hooks
  • Toontrack – Movie Scores – Fantasy
  • Toontrack – Soul Roads EZK

Installation Instructions:

Installing these MIDI grooves for Toontrack EZkeys and EZkeys 2 is a straightforward process:

  1. Select the directory with the EZkeys libraries for installation.
  2. Browse through the extensive list of MIDI grooves and let your creativity run wild.

A Wealth of MIDI Grooves:

Explore a diverse range of MIDI grooves, each designed to complement different musical genres and styles. Here’s a list of some of the available MIDI grooves:

  • Acoustic Pop EZkeys MIDI
  • Americana EZkeys MIDI
  • Ballads EZkeys MIDI
  • Country Pop EZkeys MIDI
  • Disco EZkeys MIDI
  • Dream Pop EZkeys MIDI
  • EDM EZkeys MIDI
  • Funk EZkeys MIDI
  • Gospel EZkeys MIDI
  • Hip-Hop EZkeys MIDI
  • Jazz EZkeys MIDI
  • Latin Pop EZkeys MIDI
  • Melancholic Pop EZkeys MIDI
  • Movie Scores EZkeys MIDI
  • Neo Soul EZkeys MIDI
  • Reggae EZkeys MIDI
  • Synthwave EZkeys MIDI
  • Urban Jazz EZkeys MIDI
  • And many more…

These MIDI grooves are not just musical notes; they are a source of inspiration that can transform your compositions, adding depth and character to your music.

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  1. The Basic Rock pack wasn’t complete as it was missing some sections but hopefully it will be in a new update

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