Toontrack – Synthwave EZX

Toontrack Synthwave EZX -

Toontrack’s Synthwave EZX is a sample library designed to capture the sound and feel of the retro-futuristic synthwave genre. Released in 2020, it features a collection of drum samples, electronic percussion, and melodic elements, all inspired by the iconic sounds of the 80s.

The Synthwave EZX is a collaboration between Toontrack and the producer and composer Mitch Murder, who is known for his work in the synthwave and retro electro scenes. The library is compatible with Toontrack’s popular EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3 software, allowing users to easily integrate the samples into their productions.

The pack features over 500 individual samples, including drum hits, MIDI grooves, and synth patches. The drum samples were recorded using a combination of classic and modern gear, including vintage analog drum machines, acoustic drums, and digital samplers. The result is a collection of samples that have the warmth and character of analog gear, combined with the precision and clarity of modern technology.

The MIDI grooves included in the pack were performed by Mitch Murder himself, and capture the groovy and melodic nature of the synthwave genre. The grooves range from driving 4/4 beats to more experimental and atmospheric patterns, and are designed to be easily customizable to fit your specific track.

The synth patches included in the pack were created using a variety of vintage and modern synthesizers, and cover a range of sounds, from classic leads and pads to more experimental and atmospheric textures. The patches were designed to be easily tweakable, allowing users to create their own variations and combinations of sounds.

The drum samples, in particular, were recorded using a variety of techniques and processing methods, resulting in a collection of samples that have a wide range of tones and textures. The result is a library that is both versatile and authentic, capturing the essence of the synthwave genre.

Toontrack’s Synthwave EZX is a valuable resource for producers and composers who are looking to capture the retro-futuristic sound of the synthwave genre. The library offers a wide range of high-quality samples and MIDI grooves, as well as synth patches that are both authentic and customizable. If you’re a fan of the synthwave genre or looking to add some retro-futuristic sounds to your productions, the Synthwave EZX is definitely worth checking out.

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