Tracktion Software – F.’em 1.0.8 (macOS)

TracktionSoftware F.em -

Tracktion has released its long-awaited FM synthesizer plug-in F, em, a powerful hybrid four-timbral instrument with 11 fully editable operators.
FM synthesizers are back in 2020. There have been many new releases, either hardware or software, based on FM. Notably, the developers are trying to break the curse of classic FM synthesizers by making them simpler, but much more flexible. From the classic DX-7 design to new concepts with new waveforms, filters, and more.
The plugin developer is known to many. Wolfgram Franke, former Waldorf developer and designer of the Stroke Machine Groovebox (iPad), is in charge of this new FM synthesizer. F.’em, yes, weird name, is a hybrid four-timbral synthesizer that can work as FM, VA and sample-based instrument. They go the same way as Korg. Not only classic FM sounds, but VA and more. The synthesis engine consists of four layers, each equipped with a massive FM matrix and four effect slots.
The FM Matrix is ​​the heart of the plugin. Here you can create your own algorithms using up to 11 operators without fixed algorithms. Thus, you can transfer any wave operator to any other wave operator back and forth. Three types of operators are available: waveforms (sinusoidal, VA, or other specific waveforms), multi-sampled operators, or noise.
Each operator can be frequency modulated in its own way. In the operator of the waveform, you also get tight sync, which means that in the absence of communication between operators, the plug-in can also act as a VA synthesizer. So pure FM, VA or sample-based patches are possible, or a colorful mix, which is much more interesting.
Of course, each operator has their own pitch and LFO level, as well as their own pitch and level envelope. Without this flexibility, it wouldn’t be an FM synthesizer. It then includes two filters with an overload cascade, freely routable in series, parallel, or anything in between. Filters in FM are now commonplace and are good tools that make FM synthesis even more flexible.
Besides the usual modulations in statements, F.’em also has modulators for the entire engine. 2 streaming LFOs with freely editable shapes, multiple tempo synced, 32-stop looped envelopes, randomizers, X / Y pads … give you plenty of room for complex movements. All of them are directed and controlled by a modulation matrix of up to 32,200 elements and a modifier matrix of up to 32 modulation algorithms. In addition, you have keyboard level scaling for each operator.
For immediate gaming enjoyment, numerous patches are available from renowned sound engineers, all neatly sorted in the patch browser.

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