Tracktion Software RetroMod 2021.10

Tracktion RetroModLoFreqModern -

Classic hardware synthesizers.
As the name suggests, the RetroMod series is more than just a collection of sample-based simulations – the purpose of this series is to capture the soul of classic hardware synthesizers and add something new – modern flavor.
Each instrument is sampled carefully and in detail to ensure maximum realism. The samples were then combined in creative and unusual ways to offer more than just faithful re-creation. Take the soul of these iconic synths and push them in a new direction, creating sounds that were simply unattainable on the original hardware. The user interface design includes an XY pad assigned to parameters such as FM, ring modulator, distortion and filter frequency for expressive real-time manipulation. Also included is a selection of creative effects such as reverb, chorus and growling distortion to enhance your sound design. With sample libraries and preset banks,
Tracktion.RetroMod.LoFreq. Wired.v1.0.4

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