Tracktion Software SINEE – Chop Suey v1.1 VSTi3 x64

Do you want to design a bass drum exactly according to your ideas? Working quickly and intuitively, achieving customized results with just three ingredients? Then you’ve come to the right place – because CHOP SUEY offers just that! CHOP SUEY, the plug-in that fits the bill for the kick you want, whether you like a rough sound or a low-key watch.
To get the perfect kick, you design the three main components of the kick – transient, body and tail – according to your ideas and then let them blend into each other. This instantly creates what many producers look for in vain or are forced to work on the details of a freekeliger – your own personal beat, individually crafted and sounding high quality. Save your time on big ideas and create your own barrels now with CHOP SUEY!

Drag and drop function for fast sample entry/export.
Zoom & Skew for detailed visual feedback.
Detects the pitch of the root note.
Built-in low pass filter with resonance and beef.
Beef and glue for distortion and saturation.
Quick export of a finished barrel using drag and drop (without resampling).
Phase & Offset to create a bass drum with phase purity.

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