uJAM – Virtual Drummer BRUTE 2.1.1 VSTi, AAX x64


For rock, grunge, punk and crossover styles.
Modern heavy musical genres based on a very specific style of drumming: loud, wild, sharp and piercing mix. Both the drum sounds and the playing are based on an aesthetic invented about two decades ago. Virtual Drummer BRUTE offers basic sounds and styles from Grunge to NuMetal.
In a nutshell: BRUTE is a virtual drummer for you if HEAVY 2 is too metallic and SOLID 2 doesn’t rock hard enough.

From Seattle with l̶̶o̶̶v̶̶e̶̶ greetings – In the early 1990s, a new music category saturated with guitar set out to conquer the hearts and ears of the public. A new generation of artists would release distorted guitars, evil drums, and a whole bunch of moods to an audience that suddenly wanted to swing again. Influenced by the classic rock of the 1960s and 1970s, and counterbalance to the synthetic aesthetics of the previous decade, bands such as Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Soundgarden or Alice in Chains popularized the next incarnation of rock music. His compilation to this day remains popular among guitar hard rock styles.

Drums in the Name – Programming realistic drum tracks can be challenging. With BRUTE, it’s quick and easy, so you can focus on your music!

Sharp, clear character – What makes BRUTE special? First of all, it was designed, recorded and processed in such a way as to perform one task really well: to compete with the multi-layered walls of distorted guitars, while maintaining character and detail. It was not an easy task… The solution was to record using three different sets of microphones that emphasize different aspects of drum sound.

Each of the three sets of microphones
has a specific sound purpose: Click/Slap
Vintage Sennheiser MD21 of the 1960s emphasizes the transients of the attack. The original signal was processed by manley Voxbox.

Sand / Dirt
Vintage tube and ribbon hanging microphones. This is where the character is captured. All the organic noises and resonances that give warmth, coarseness and naturalness.
Clean /
Beautiful \ Modern Schoeps microphones with high-quality specifications that capture the sound “as is”. With the lowest possible coloring and distortion. For expensive and glossy character.
Rock Setup – The five drum sets in BRUTE were created with certain styles in mind. Listen to these different drum sets, from dry to processed, mixing the mixing presets and the “Smack” knob with the sound of each set.

Sound City – If you want to dive deeper into the history of this sound, we recommend Dave Grohl’s documentary “Sound City” about the iconic studio.

NOFX? Well, there’s a little bit… – Mixing presets form a common sound, replacing a whole chain of effects with multiple buses for each channel. Saves you time and nerves by fighting the DAW bus system.

Features at a glance – BRUTE offers 5 drum sets, 6 mix presets, 31 styles with 23 ready-made phrases each, a total of 713 phrases.
Smack – Make your reels unique! Smack adds specially recorded and processed microphone signals that focus attacks and transients while maintaining the warm organic qualities of the installation.
Grit – Go between two sets of microphones: mostly from good and clean to dirty and mean.

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