uJAM – Virtual Drummer HOT v2.3.0

When it comes to popular music, the standards are pretty high. World-class recording engineers track the most talented drummers in the most brilliant studios. However, all of today’s top charts have two things in common: infectious drum beats and punchy drums honed to perfection.

Description continued
Keep it fresh –
30 styles, 690 playable phrases and over 100 global presets.
5 drum kits, 6 mix presets, 6 reverb modes.
MIDI Drag & Drop, resizable user interface.
Dedicated ‘Juice’ Effects Control
Platinum Potential –
Most of today’s chart tracks use electronic drum samples or carefully crafted combinations of sample layers. However, these samples must be carefully engineered to fit properly into a radio-ready mix, as they are often dated, lifeless, and difficult to manipulate.
Virtual Drummer HOT delivers true drumming with punchy drum machine-like processing to replace your sample library with more lively and energetic drum grooves.
HOT functions
HOT includes 5 complete drum kits, 6 mix presets and 30 styles, each with 23 preset patterns, for a total of 690 playable phrases.
Juice Control –
The ‘Juice’ fader offers a smooth transition from a completely natural drum variant to an archetypal sample aesthetic very similar to that of the most popular drum machines.
Mix Presets –
Each mix preset shapes the overall sound by replacing the entire effect chain with multiple buses for each channel under the hood, offering you a completely different sonic aesthetic without the hassle of your DAW’s bus system.

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