Unison – Drum Monkey 1.0.150

The world’s first (and only) drum loop generator that is genre dependent and sounds really good 93% of the time
Create perfect drum loops instantly – Drum loops are the backbone of any hit song. That’s why the songs are in the Billboard # 1, such as ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd, ‘Mood’ by 24kGoldn involving Ianna Dior or ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana …
Make drum loops that “catch” and make listen on repeat.
With Drum Monkey, you can surprise your listeners with the perfect custom-made drum loops. From basic to hard and insanely advanced, you have endless possibilities at your fingertips.
The drum loop of your song can be the determining factor in whether the listener will skip it or play it over and over.
For your drum loops to be professional quality, they need to use the right elements, the right samples, be recognizable, and have powerful punching power.
With Drum Monkey, you’ll be able to hook your listeners with individually generated drum loops that follow proven patterns from popular songs and have all of these criteria.

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