Vi Labs Audio – MODERN U (UVI Falcon)

Modern times call for a modern virtual piano: highly detailed and intimate, clean and crisp, a new piano equipped with the best hardware in a modern space, capable of shining or blending at will. Realistic, accurate response using any controller, plus sophisticated controls and customizable presets rarely seen in a virtual piano. High resolution graphics, deep sampling and scripting, yet easy on the system. We are pleased to present a modern U taken from a brand new popular studio piano with a modern twist. It’s just as straightforward as you say. Why try vertical over large? Prepare to be amazed.

to work with the bank you need a Falcon sampler
installation: copy the R2RUVI file from the R2R folder to C: \ ProgramData \ UVI \ R2R

Additional Information
Six discrete phase-aligned fully mixable microphones with interactive microphone display. Modern microphones and equipment with different perspectives encompass all methods of recording upright front and back, near and far.
Real deeply sampled resonance for both pedal and sympathetic resonance types. Powerful scripts recreate the real resonance behavior of the pedals, adding sophisticated depth and tonal stability, all fully customizable.
Over 23,000 samples representing 55 GB of waveform data in a small 6 GB file. Huge library, small footprint thanks to lossless compression and complex scripts. It also means fast loading and efficient use of the processor.
Full control of up to 5 pedals, including our new Sordino pedal. Repeated and adjustable half pedal features included. The Sostenuto, Soft Pedal as well as Muffled Beats and Sordino all create a very expressive piano.
New MIDI panel with unique split controls for both tone and volume. Discrete tables and high-resolution controls allow you to create custom curves for any possible response. Lots of presets included, or create your own.
1400 sampled mic releases, including staccato releases that respond to the fastest playing, no articulation. Sample releases reflect the resonant sound of a piano and are critical to realism.

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