WA Production – LOOP Engine v1.0.0 VSTi, VST3i, AAX x64

Infinite Loop Generator :
This revolutionary plug-in breaks new ground in MIDI generation by building on the heritage of CHORDS plug-ins and pushing the boundaries even further. Say goodbye to the limitations of static chord shapes and divisible segments as the Loop Engine takes riffs, arps and melodies to the next level with its dynamic tonal capabilities. This plugin allows you to generate MIDI loops beyond the norm, with intuitive controls for generating algorithms. Always inspiring and innovative, this powerful tool is designed to spark your tracks and help spark ideas for new musical creations.

Description continued

Originally designed for EDM production, but absolutely effective in all other genres, this looping workstation will create musical progressions with skill and ease, based on the forms and rules of chords. Try new ideas in the intuitive circular interface, or click the “create” button to have the plugin create fantasy ideas.
We’ve expanded the Loop Engine’s feature set with new concepts to create an entirely new way of working that greatly expands the possibilities of MIDI generation. Routing capabilities for multitrack playback mean that integrating this plugin into your DAW project is easier than ever. Use your favorite virtual synths and instruments as the Loop Engine seed up to 8 different MIDI parts, sending them to the companion secondary plugin, the Loop Engine Listener. Using these two tools, you can create complex multi-track loops spanning multiple tracks in your DAW…or simply use presets as a starting point for creating legendary loops.

New in LOOP Engine

Multitrack Keying :
Despite the visual similarity, the Loop Engine is much more fully featured than all previous CHORDS plugins. It offers advanced multi-track routing and playback as well as many new features: piano roll view, additional chords, voicing rules, chord range, the ability to add stretch notes and select open, mixed or closed chord positions.
Loop Engine Listener :
Routing MIDI from the main plugin to additional tracks is Loop Engine’s special sauce. This is achieved with an additional secondary plugin – Loop Engine Listener. The Loop Engine outputs up to 8 independent MIDI voices that you can route to the Loop Engine Listener loaded into instrument tracks in your DAW. Choose which voices will be used on which tracks, and easily swap them around with just a couple of clicks.
loop view :
In the Loop View, you can set global controls: chord inversions, duration, speed, major/minor, and the key of the entire playback. It’s incredibly easy to make changes to an entire riff on the fly. For a closer look, click on a chord segment to get more detailed control over the chord shape, individual inversions, and speed.
Chord Mode :
A wide range of playback options for each chord can be adjusted using simple controls. Program each chord segment with inversions ranging from -4 to +4. Transform the chord shape with the Range parameter, spreading notes more widely. Raise the lowest notes an octave up or the highest notes an octave down to turn the chords inside out.
Stretch and Extend :
With chords loaded and a segment selected, use the chord shape range in the center of the interface to select one of 21 chord types: Root, Subdominant, or Dominant, from simple triads to more complex chord shapes. Apply chord type and tension with 9 transformation buttons new to the advanced Loop Engine mode.
Creation Station :
Click “Create” to randomly generate one or more chords on which note and loop playback is based. The Loop Engine offers 30 different chord types and tensions to create harmonic progressions for natural sequences.
Simple segments :
Create up to 8 chord segments, each with up to 8 sections. Trigger from one to four notes per chord and choose how to play them. Playback is tied to your DAW’s BPM and you can add/reduce segments and change parameters individually.
Section playback :
Divide chords into sections by drawing 4 notes of a chord as it plays to create melodies, arpeggios, shorter chords and loops. With the Copy/Paste and Repeat options, it’s easy to sketch out loop ideas for just one chord, then apply that playback to others, experimenting as you go. Don’t forget the audio options, which allow you to send up to 8 loops to 8 different DAW tracks.
Overlay Mode :
The POLY button creates patterns that loop indefinitely. These patterns can be longer or shorter than chord segments and loop iterations, and create weaving arps that go beyond normal chord structures. Each time a poly pattern part hits a new chord segment, the notes of that part will adapt to the new harmonic environment. Rock out and create self-generating melodies with poly mode, polyphony and all their recombinations.
Export MIDI :
To further customize your chords and riffs, drag and drop chords and arps from the plugin directly into your DAW. So your original chords can be MIDI edited, transposed and tuned to match the sound of your music.
Powerful presets :
The Loop Engine offers many categorized presets for chord progressions. In addition, sequence presets for chords, riffs and arpeggios. These presets make it easy to create musical motifs that can develop into full-fledged tracks.

WA Production are real producers creating creative plug-ins to help you achieve studio-quality production quickly and easily. Enjoy!

Multi-track MIDI effect Chord & Arp.
Connects to any DAW.
Routing up to 8 voices from one Loop Engine.
Loop Engine Listener plugin for routing voices to multiple tracks.
30 types of chords and tensions.
Creative randomization.
Intelligent harmonic progressions.
Copy and paste.
Global and segment regulators.
Note split control.
MIDI export.
Factory presets for chords and sequences.
Changeable interface.
Manual in PDF format.

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