Waldorf – Largo v1.8.0

Free Download Largo by Waldorf, Version 1.8.0, for Windows PC.

Overview of Largo:

Largo is the first pure software synthesizer infused with the renowned Waldorf DNA. This virtual synthesizer has been eagerly awaited by producers and synthesizer enthusiasts alike, and it sets itself apart with its advanced sound quality.

Features of Largo:

  • Powerful File Browser: Largo includes a robust file browser, simplifying file management.
  • Program Manager: Its integrated program manager allows for easy reorganization of bank contents.
  • Voice Capabilities: Largo offers impressive voice capabilities, supporting up to 256 voices per instance, depending on your processor’s power.
  • Layered Sounds: You can create intricate and layered sounds with up to 4 layers per sound.
  • Audio Outputs: Largo provides flexibility with 4 stereo outputs, and there’s an alternative single stereo sum output.
  • Automation: Enjoy precise control over your sound with automation, as nearly all parameters can be automated using your host software. You can also utilize a MIDI controller to automate essential parameters, enhancing your creative expressiveness.

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