Wavegrove – HCL Islander v1.1.1

Islander Vari-Mu compressor with clipper
This is not just another compressor in a saturated market. This is a feeder with two gain stages and time controls,
which does not interfere. This is a classic vari-μ design filled with a grainy groove.
This is a high end clipper with additional tone options. This is the first or last step of your gain stage.
This is Tom Hanks with fire. This is the survival of the Titanic in a parallel universe.
This is phaseless amplification in its purest form. This Islander is our take on Handcrafted Labs’ ingenious parallel tube speaker design.

Compressor features :
✓ Stereo and mid-side modes, linking or dual mono.
✓ Two gain controls, one for WET and one for DRY.
✓ Gain Link to reverse mirror your movements between gain controls to allow you to mix wet and dry sounds.
✓ Threshold to control what the compressor starts to react to.
✓ Attack from 0.2ms to 40ms.
✓ Release from 50ms to 2000ms.
✓ VU-meters for assessing the degree of compression.
✓ Sidechain with Feed Back and Feed Forward, both at 75Hz and 150Hz, and of course full range.

Additional features :
✓ Master class clipper allows you to bring LUFS to the limit, and maybe even exceed it.
✓ Different accent styles for wet and dry sides. The wet side saturates to a brighter tone, while the dry side saturates to a smoother tone.
✓ Since everything is not completely linear, we also include level calibration.
✓ Control link allows you to control both sides of the compressor with one set of motions.
✓ Delta monitoring to hear changes from the original signal.
✓ Oversampling for maximum smoothness at the cost of a small performance hit.

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