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Unlimited sound design playground Inspired by 80s legends like Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Brian Eno, Hyperion is a modern digital modular masterpiece.


Profoundly capable yet instantly accessible !
The Hyperion synthesizer was designed from the ground up with sonic flexibility in mind while maintaining the accessibility and simplicity of modular patches.
Efficient processing allows you to create up to 10 layers of complex sound patches that can be acted upon in unison with macros, but can also pass modulation and audio data on an auxiliary bus between them.
The ability to quickly layer and split polyphonic modular patches using a wide range of synthesis methods and separate chord, arpeggio and bus effects for each layer is an instant source of musical inspiration for music producers of all genres.
Layered sound designs can be saved and recalled as “combo” patches. Browsing fixes with categories and author filters, and quick folder switching let you quickly find sounds.
Surgical control !
Hyperion has per-layer note processing options, including layer-specific polyphony, pitch bend range, portamento speed, pitch randomization and drift depth, configurable pitch slope (positive or negative), a monophonic re-trigger option, and voice trigger options.
Unlimited number of nodes per layer – and up to 16 mixable modulation sources per target modulation input pin.
Animated data modulation blends the per-voice data histogram and data region trace views, as well as the voice text graphic value and per-voice data region trace view nodes, to help make complex patch designs easier to understand and customize.
Several types of synthesis !
Classic mono and stereo ‘digital’ and ‘virtual analog’ oscillators with mono or stereo unison detuning and wave shaping to radically change sonic character from basic waveforms.
Easy-to-use 4-operator FM (Feedback Phase Modulation) with 12 algorithms and multi-operator output mixing, a pre-selected list of useful relationships between modulation operators, and basic modulation depth control.
Waveform generators with 32 steps of waveform configuration (including pitch shift, waveform, waveform depth, unison detunes, balance and level) with smooth crossfading via waveform position modulation – save your own and load ready-made waveforms.
4-operator FM wave sequence – with the same functions as the classic oscillator wave sequence, but with the possibility of 4-operator FM configuration sequences (also with the ability to save and load).
Model of plucked strings with damping, distortion and detuning of a stereo unison.
Physical modeling of a flute oscillator with smooth transitions in the note/trumpet configuration.
Looping Sample Playback – You can loop waveforms with one loop to create custom oscillator tones.
Multi-sample generator (sound font) that allows you to import sfz/sf2 files.
Inspiring sound processing !
For voice processing:
Multiple filter types including low/high/band/mode with cutoff and resonance, slope/depth, stereo offset and saturation control.
Distortion, tube resonator, ring modulator, bit crusher.
A suite of true stereo bus effects including:
3 reverb types: Medium, Large (with modulation and pre-delay), and Huge, all with size, damping, tone, and width controls.
Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo.
Stereo filter – with a full range of filter types.
Distortion / equalizer-distortion. 3-band equalizer.
Tube Resonator, Ring mod, Bit-Crusher, Pitch shifter.
Stereo echo with cross-feedback, L/R delay offset and damping controls.
Granulator (full range of speed/size/window/playback/fader settings).
Sending and receiving an FX bus (cross-level).
Huge range of data management and generation options !
ADSR with pre-delay and multiple trigger options, loop envelope, single-shot LFO, beat sync and lead-in control.
Receiving and sending macro data (simultaneously affects all layers).
Sending and receiving MIDI data/notes on the selected channels.
Sending control data from one layer to another via “internal MIDI” channels.
A set of data processing and generation nodes, including data smoothing, binary logic, math expression evaluation, step sequences, data range converters, scale matching, event triggering, zone triggering, MIDI data triggering.
Send MIDI cc control data and notes to the outside world: Control other synths and effects on any of the 16 MIDI channels.

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