Way Out Ware Odyssey v1.0.1

WayOutWare Odyssey – a journey into the world of sound
WayOutWare, building on this legacy of excellent ARP emulation, has created a truly replica of this legendary synthesizer. Not only is WayOutWare sonically accurate, but through expert circuit modeling and signal processing, it captures the behavior, character, and charm of the original ARP Odyssey. With expression pedal modulation, speed and channel pressure support, all the attention to detail and realism has been done.
Create the perfect sound with powerful dual oscillators, LFOs, Sample and Hold, Ring-mod, high-pass and low-pass filters. Get inspired by the built-in library and start your own audio discovery odyssey with endless customization options. You can use the Odyssey as a monophonic, duophonic or polyphonic synthesizer with up to 4 simultaneous voices to take your project to the next level.

Content Included
The WayOutWare Odyssey comes with over 150 presets including synth leads, ambient pads, drum percussion sounds and more. With an extensive control scheme, parameter setting and automation for a unique sound design to make music productions one of a kind.

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