Zenhiser – Dubstep FX (WAV)

Dubstep has taken over the EDM scene and we at Zenhiser can’t get enough of it. So we scratched our heads and tried to figure out what else dubstep producers want that we haven’t covered yet, and……. voila, an amazing FX sound pack designed specifically for Dubstep! So, one of our producers got locked up, and a few weeks later, this little Dubstep FX popped out of the studio. We don’t say much, but this dubstep sample pack is huge, containing nearly 200 dubstep sounds that will literally make your jaw drop. All major features are covered, including sweep effects, sub-effects, single shots, atmospheres, laser effects, and looping effects to add a bit of distorted rhythm to your tracks.

Dubstep Atmosphere FX – 20
Dubstep Lazer FX – 20
Dubstep Loop FX – 20
Dubstep One Shots – 29
Dubstep Subs – 20
Dubstep Sweep FX Down – 28
Dubstep Sweep FX Up – 33
Dubstep Synth Hits – 24
Files – Audio: 194
Type – Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz

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