Zenhiser – Epic Trance Drops (WAV)

“Epic Trace Drops” is the perfect combination of drive and euphoric melodies. 1.7GB of carefully polished hooks, melodies and drops means this Zenhiser pack will keep your tracks fresh and exciting for months to come. The Trance drops are divided into two folders 128bpm and 138bpm, giving you a choice of two current Trance styles. Each drop contains multiple loops, a baseline, a synth loop, a synth loop perfectly cut to a loop, an FX build-up loop, 3 drum loop options, and a full loop to see how everything fits together. With all these individual elements, you can use as much or as little of each drop, the choice is yours. The sample pack also includes a selection of the best drum sounds, as well as some additional effects to give your tracks the final touch.

Trance Drops (128bpm) – 30 (238 loops)
Trance Drops (138bpm) – 20 (160 loops)
Trance Drum Sounds – Kicks – 9
Trance Drum Sounds – Hi Hats – 21
Trance Drum Sounds – Claps – 12
Trance Drum Sounds – Snares – 34
Trance Drum Sounds – Percussion – 24
Trance FX – 50
Files – Audio: 548
Type – Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz

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