2CAudio – Plugins Bundle v2023.10

Overview of 2CAudio Plugins Bundle

2CAudio develops industry-leading audio plug-ins in VST, AU and AAX formats. We focus on spatial processing, cutting-edge creative effects, and other forward-thinking ideas. 2CAudio’s motto is: Convergent Creative Precision.

Included Plugins
  1. Aether v1.6.1 :
    Award-winning self-modulating algorithmic reverb of the highest quality. It is used daily in major music, film, television and gaming projects, and is heard daily by millions of listeners around the world. It remains one of the undisputed champions of traditional reverb design.
  2. B2 v1.2.1 :
    Modular dual-motor nonlinear spatial processor with built-in harmonic distortion and flexible dynamics. It’s our most advanced plug-in to date, capable of creating both mind-blowing creative effects that defy categorization and stunningly lush reverbs.
  3. Breeze v2.5.0 :
    Introduces intelligent DSP Distance-Link, Precedence Link, Multi-Instance Editing, Edit Groups, Global Broadcast and many other extremely innovative features.
  4. Precedence v1.5.0 :
    Psychoacoustic stereo positioning tool. Creates an organically modulated stereo image that creates an immediate sense of width, depth and presence, similar to stereo microphone techniques used in acoustic spaces. It then positions that image on the virtual stage, giving mix engineers ultra-precise control over placement from left to right and front to back.
  5. Vector v1.0.0 :
    A spatial image analysis tool to help producers and engineers make more informed decisions in mixing and mastering. It helps detect and avoid spatial threats such as extreme antiphase, while avoiding the false positives that other tools sometimes produce.

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