2CAudio – Precedence v1.5.0

Overview of Precedence Precedence is a psychoacoustic stereo positioning instrument that creates an organically modulated stereo image, providing a sense of width, depth, and presence. It emulates stereo microphone techniques used in acoustic spaces and positions the image on the virtual stage, giving mixing engineers precise control over placement in both left-right and front-back dimensions. The result is an incredible sense of hyper-realistic 3D space and precise localization of each instrument within that space.

Features of Precedence

  • Sound-Stage Positioning: Offers accurate orchestral and acoustic positioning for instruments.
  • Stereo Microphone Technique Emulation: Emulates stereo microphone techniques for a natural sound.
  • Mono-to-Stereo Upmixing: Converts mono recordings into convincing stereo.
  • 3D Spatial Mixing: Achieves depth placement and immersive spatial audio.
  • Stereo Imaging & Manipulation: Allows for stereo widening, narrowing, and instrument repositioning.
  • Reverb & Early Reflections Enhancement: Enhances reverb and early reflections for added depth.
  • Spatial Effects: Provides various spatial effects like voice doubling, vocal sweetening, and intimate ambience effects.
  • Modulation Effects: Includes auto-panner effects, random gain modulation, and humanize effects via subtle source movement.

Additional Information

  • Precedence 1.5: This version introduces Precedence Link, multi-instance editing, group editing, global broadcast, new algorithm modes, and other innovative features. These features enable Precedence and Breeze 2.5 to function as a unified spatial mixing environment, delivering a synergistic workflow and next-generation audio results. The combined system, known as “PBJ,” represents a new paradigm for spatial mixing, combining spatial sensing, audio positioning, and adaptive reverb.

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