2getheraudio – OpZilla

2getheraudio (BigTickAudio) calls the new OpZilla plugin “a monstrous FM synthesizer that towers above the competition.”
FM synthesis is in vogue again: more and more developers and manufacturers are releasing new instruments with this kind of sound generation. One of the latest instruments is the virtual synthesizer 2getheraudio OpZilla, which the developers themselves call “a monstrous FM synthesizer that towers above the competition.” The novelty offers the familiar functions of frequency modulation synthesis and a number of additional features.
The virtual instrument offers four operators with 64 algorithms and 16 sound waveforms each. Each operator has its own section of settings with parameters of envelopes, tuning and timbre. As the creators promise, the built-in algorithms of the operators open up access to limitless possibilities of sound generation. For each algorithm, there are separate settings for feedback and amount of modulation.

Additionally, the instrument is equipped with two low-frequency oscillators (two for each voice), promising a wealth of signal modulation. Finally, not without an effects section, represented by distortion, chorus, delay and reverb.
2getheraudio OpZilla stands out for its ease of use and straightforward process of changing sound. The developers offer to study the instrument based on an extensive database of presets, each of which can be freely changed.
The instrument comes with 150 sounds, divided into 10 categories. The developers note that the sound of the instrument is versatile and flexible – OpZilla fits well into any musical directi

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