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apulSoft is a manufacturer of audio plugins , based in Zurich, Switzerland and founded in 2003.
There is currently exactly one person holding every position at apulSoft, and that is me, Adrian Pflugshaupt.

Description of packages (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite):
apQualizr2 v2.5.2 : multiband audio equalizer plugin. The filter bands are graphically edited on top of the frequency analyzer. It has modular modulation of various filter parameters. apQualizr2 can be used for all standard EQ applications and can create many modulation and dynamics effects thanks to the included dynamics and bass modules. The filter strips can be controlled via midi keyboards and controllers using the built-in midi module.
apShaper v1.1.5 : is an audio effects plugin for adding harmonic distortion to audio signals. It combines a waveform with three filter bands and various modulation options – two LFOs, a dynamics detector and user-adjustable knobs.
apShaper can simulate several types of distortion, including tape and tube saturation, wave folding, and analog bit crushing. Three filter bands provide high quality filtering without high frequency compression. The Variable Slope type of low-pass filter provides smooth slopes not possible with traditional filtering, ideal for soft shaping of signals with a lot of applied distortion. Several types of tone control, modeled after classic circuits, allow you to create a classic bass/mid/high tone.
apTrigga3 v3.7.1:\ is an audio insertion effect plugin that detects trigger events on the input signal that are used to add or replace sounds. It has extensive sample control features, flexible synth layers with multiple envelopes, and a modulation section with modulation of most parameters for each sample. The input layers process the input audio using the sampler engine and convert apTrigga3 into a precussive sound effects processor. apTrigga3 has an input filter section with a built-in frequency analyzer and configurable filter bands for shaping the input signal.
apUnmask v1.0.3: is an audio plugin for amplifying audio components that are psychoacoustically masked by other components. To do this, apUnmask uses parts of the opus high quality audio compression codec detection algorithm. Signal components that may be removed by compression are extracted. They are usually unheard of as they are masked by the louder components in time and frequency. apUnmask allows you to amplify and sculpt masked content and add it to your music. To shape the frequencies of the extracted signal, it passes through a linear-phase graphic equalizer. It has a smooth Bezier frequency response with no overshoot. The result is a form of hyper-realistic sound. This process helps the listener hear more aspects of the music at the same time.

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