Arturia – Filter MS-20 v1.0.0

Arturia FilterMS 20 -

Energetic Sound
Filter MS-20 is a stereo filter and distortion effect , modeled after the infamous MS-20 abrasive synthesizer. Incorporate devastating crunch, roaring filter sweeps, and super-fat stereo depth into your mixes with an audio plugin that makes everything sound massive.

Main characteristics

Make any sound sound big :
Turn any sound into huge, colorful, unstoppable textures and timbres that will give your DAW production a welcome edge.
The Filter MS-20 extracts the sonic character from the iconic instrument, reworks and enhances it into an effect for creative mixing and radical sonic exploration.

Punchy filter, punchy distortion :
From soft rubbery basses to howling resonant sweeps, from subtle fuzz to outright destruction, shape your sounds with the grainy filter sweeps, crushing bass and harsh distortion that brought the eponymous Filter MS-20 synthesizer to the map thanks to our technology TAE®.

Move it further :
Incorporate the Filter MS-20 into your mix and enjoy wild, exciting results. Modulate and animate its virtual circuitry, redirect filter and distortion sections, and blow up the stereo width of any sound with a host of state-of-the-art features.

Easy to use :
Fire up the Filter MS-20 and instantly enjoy its grainy, immersive sound thanks to an interface with function control knobs, a macro-style control for quick sweeping changes in your mix, and deep sound design controls just a click away from you. . Your mix, your
From warm to harsh in the blink of an eye, this filter brings character and crunchy fatness to any style project. He is known in French house, industrial metal, techno and more – you decide what happens next.

you need TEAM R2R ASCEMU2 installation.
Enjoy full licensor emulation.
(Except for the SHA512 hardcoded part!).
– In our release:
– Un/Installer doesn’t kill presets .
– Compatible with other legal Arturia installers.
– Legal installation of ASC will not be affected, and does not affect R2R Arturia releases.
– Keep your computer cleanicon wink -

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