Sonus Paradisi – Caen – St. Etienne (HAUPTWERK) (WAV)

Sample library for the Hauptwerk organ emulator
The instrument was built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, a revolutionary in organ building, a classic of the French symphonic organ.
1882, 50 registers, St. Etienne Abbey in Caen.
A more detailed description of the organ (in English) is called from the program menu: Organ – Show organ information…

Additional Information
The distribution presents version 2.51 Wet, which contains only the front stereo channel.
To download the organ in full quality (24 bits, all attacks, all loops, all releases), you need 13.5 gigabytes of RAM.
ATTENTION! In order to save memory reasonably, it is recommended to load the ranks labeled L component and R component as Mono .

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