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Moog’s Animoog Z expands on the original Animoog synth by stretching its modulation capabilities into the 3rd dimension. Explore this powerful instrument for iPad, iPhone and macOS in this course, by expert synthesist Rishabh Rajan.
Since its introduction 10 years ago, Moog’s Animoog app has been one of the best synths to hit Apple’s App Store. Now, this powerful anisotropic wavetable synth is back, reborn as Animoog Z. In this course, trainer and sound designer Rishabh Rajan takes you on a tour of Moog’s Animoog Z, and shows you all its innovative features.
Rishabh starts the course by creating a clean patch and resetting everything back to default. You then dive into the synthesis aspect of the synth and explore all its functionalities. This is where you learn to create complex and evolving sounds from scratch, by drawing paths in a 3D space to control and morph your sound. The ENV/LFO and MOD pages are covered in depth, and you get a detailed explanation of the 5 different effects available: Arpeggiator, Filter, Thick, Delay and Looper. You also learn about Animoog Z’s on-screen keyboard and its many functions, including pressure sensitivity. Finally, Rishabh wraps up the course by explaining how to use Animoog Z as a plugin in your DAW on your Mac.
So download the free Animoog Z app from the App Store now, watch this course and see how you can add a whole new layer of animated sound synthesis to your music productions.

Section 1: Intro
1. Introduction (1:27)
Section 2: Synthesis
2. Creating a Default Patch (4:13)
3. Synthesis Engine (3:49)
4. Orbs Path (6:00)
5. Orbit (3:53)
6. Timbres (4:26)
7. Envelope LFO and Mod Page (8:25)
Section 3: Effects and Settings
8. Effects (5:23)
9. Keyboard Settings (6:27)
10. Animoog Z as a Plugin (4:10)

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