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Creative DeEsser.
E2Deesser has a unique processing structure and algorithm that offers you a new perspective on the de-essing process.
The E2Deesser is unique in that it allows you to independently process, listen to, and even route the hiss and vowels of your vocal tracks. This is a very powerful feature that was previously unavailable in de-essers.
The patented functionality provides the highest flexibility in the de-essing process and opens up a new field for application in audio applications and effects. And all this is done simply and efficiently!
All of this makes the E2Deesser the ultimate de-essing tool for post-production, broadcast, film and vocal recordings.
Composition :
Eiosis – Els Vocoder 1.6.0
Eiosis – E2Deesser
Eiosis – AirEQ Premium
Eiosis – E2Transienter 1.0.5

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